Saturday, November 19, 2011

Meet Me In My Pyjamas.

so far, you knew where & with whom i drank my tea/coffee. this week i've been in a sharing mood so it's time to show you something more.

1) these are my feet that carry me everywhere:

you've got them here without extra pedicure but still i'd like to think they're decent looking. the bump on my right feet has its name - please, meet yolanda (the truth is, for some time i've been ready to part with her, but shhhhhh). otherwise, i like my feet very much so it's not the last chance to admire them here.

2) because of cold autumn i started harvesting in my woollen ear-flap hat:

3) today it got me when i was preparing my lunch, adventures of elias, little rescue boat:

is it norwegian in this version? have no idea (sorry folks). i love european cartoons, esp. english & scandinavian. i'm in my (late?) thirties and most probably you witness a severe case of infantilization here. well, it's good to have at least one flaw to make our friends-and-relations happy, right? right.

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