Sunday, December 11, 2011

I Spy. Decorations.

my third post for i spy meme. it took me some time to jump on board. my own laptop is still broken and my xmas tree not decorated (our family tradition is to wait for dec. 24th)

yesterday i took a photo of a green lacewing on my hand. what has it in common with this week's prompt? dozens of them start to fly around the lamp after we bring from our attic all the boxes with glass ornaments and other xmas decorations. during winter these insects usually hide in any nooks and crannies they can find. this one was slightly distressed "where's the tree? where's the fried christmas carp?" sorry emma, you've left your hiding too early :).

my choice

yeah, i went artistic :>. this is my kitchen on saturday evening. most probably emma's sitting on the ceiling.


  1. ty for stopping by weekend was great :) hope you are doing welll
    love the pictures


  2. I like the hazy view of the kitchen.