Sunday, February 26, 2012

Tag Your It.

denise gave permission to answer her questions freely, so here i am:

1. what is your favorite color?
orange, sea green (teal) & grey - in this order. i couldn't choose only one today :).

 2. how long have you been a christian?
since my (catholic) baptism when i was very small. but i do not attend since my teenage years (so like 20 now). i like old, empty churches, though.

3. do you like hot or cold weather best?
i like when it's hot. like smells and sounds of warm mornings.

4. do you ever wear hats?
sometimes, although it's not so easy with my thick, electrostatic hair.

5. what is your favorite food? 
simple. but i can't think of any specific. it's sunday, 7 am. i'm sitting here with my morning green tea.

6. what is something you would never eat?
i would say "octopus", but i ate it some time ago in rissotto :(. it's not about the taste. i don't want to eat animals that are so intelligent. apart from this, i try not to be prejudiced. it would be petty-spirited.

7. have you or would you ever go sky diving?
scary, but i'd like to try it someday.

8. do you know how to swim?
only backstroke. almost :E.

9. do you know how to water ski?
(because of my poor swimming skills) nope.

10. do you know how to snow ski?
i was supposed to learn this a month ago but i got ill & couldn't go.

11. which type of person do you like the least a selfish person or a mean spirited person?
i try to like all sort of people. when it's impossible i ignore them. not liking them would be kind of negative attachment. and we don't want it, do we?

have a great sunday :)


  1. My favorite colors are pink, and purple. I have been a Christian since 1985, I like warm weather best. Yes, I wear hats quite often. My favorite food is steak. Something I would never eat is liver. Have never been sky diving, but would be willing to try it. Yes, I know how to swim, love to swim. I do not know how to water ski. I do not know how to snow ski. I do not like selfish, or mean spirited people.

  2. perfect answers to interesting questions :).
    thank u :).