Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Hodgepodge. Volume 145.

time for the wednesday hodgepodge?

1. the USA will mark Columbus Day this year on monday, october 14th. what's something you need or want to explore (literally or metaphorically speaking)?
my abilities. and many new places in this beautiful world (with a bunch of good friends).

2. the Wicked Witch of the West from The Wizard of Oz, Ursula from The Little Mermaid, or Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty ... who do you most love to hate?
none. i rise above the hate :>

3. is open-mindedness a virtue?
always. it helps building bridges where there seems to be none. when i can't change my point of view at least i can let other people stay where they are without feeling i have to save the whole world from itself when it's not asking me to. 

4. how often do you weigh yourself?
very rarely. honestly, right now i don't even remember where is my scale (i'm sure i own one ^..^). as a person slim because of good genes i don't care much about my weight.

5. this question comes to you courtesy of Rebecca over at making memories, so thanks Rebecca! Costa Rica was recently named the happiest country in the world on the happy planet index. what's the happiest country in the world to you, and what makes it so?
Canada & the scandinavian countries. because freedom of an ordinary person is a great value there. sometimes, just sometimes, i think it could be a little warmer :). but i can be happy anywhere my heart is.

6. besides The Bible, what is one book you think should be mandatory reading for high school students? why?
i don't think the Bible should be mandatory to read. besides while learning foreign languages i understood how much we loose not reading books from other cultures. open-midedness is in a good book and a great meal.

7. i went shopping at some nearby outlets last week, and while I was there, I picked up a couple of Christmas gifts. how about you? have you started your holiday shopping yet?
i start my xmas shopping two weeks or so before Christmas.

8. insert your own random thought here.
we've got a beautiful weather here in lower silesia. i hope the rest of this october won't change for  the worse. but in any case ... i've got a plan :D. 

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