Friday, November 08, 2013

Hodgepodge. Volume 149.

i can do it on friday, right? why not :).

1.  what's one way you're like your siblings? if you don't have siblings how are you like your lifelong best friend or cousin?
i don't think we should be alike to like each other. we're honest.

2.  what's the first thing that comes to mind when you think of yourself at age eighteen?
school trip to Warsaw.

3. sculptor-actor-painter-dancer...if you could excel in one of these arts, which would you choose and why?
i'd like to be a good dancer (love listening to music, it moves me). being a painter would be my second choice.

4. what's a scent that takes you back in time, and where does it take you?
scents of freshly cut grass and wet ground after a warm rain. heaven.

5. november is for peanut butter lovers (national peanut butter lovers month).  are you a lover or a hater? what's your favorite dish/recipe that calls for peanut butter?
i'm neutral.

6. what do people thank you personally for most often?
my dad for making him a cup of green tea.

7. what event this year are you most thankful for?
time spent in Kraków and Greece. my parents. new music that's all around me now.

8.  insert your own random thought here.
morning was really beautiful. i had no camera and i was comforting myself that the colours are never accurate in the pictures. today there were orange and turquoise reflecting in the windows and  puddles of water.

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