Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Hodgepodge. Volume 176.

once again :)

1. what news story are you following right now?
euro elections results. how to combat euroscepticism is the question of the week.

2. what's the last thing you wanted but didn't get?
a ticket to Sanz concert that will be in august. sigh.

3. may 28th is national hamburger day...when did you last have a hamburger? other than your own kitchen or bbq grill, where is your favorite place to go for a hamburger? and for all you non-meat eaters out there...when you're invited to a cookout what is the one side dish you hope is on the menu?
i've eaten a cheeseburger like ... once in my life. it was somewhere during my journey from Tobermory to Toronto ... or was it Montreal? anyway, the cheeseburger was awful, never again, i imagine hamburger is even worse. greek salad. have your priorities changed over time?
always wanted love and independence. that haven't changed.

5. what's a favorite memory with your grandparents?
my grandpa taking me for a sleigh ride, grandma's chicory coffee and pierogies with blueberries.

6. on a scale of 1-10 (with 10 being fantastic!), how good are you at multitasking? share an example.
i would say 5-6. not very good, rather average; writing sth down, talking and listening to music at the same time i do not consider a serious multitasking :>

7. how would you summarize your highs and lows for the month of may?
wasn't that high. low either. hope for a quiet june and waiting for my greek summer.

ma cat's random pic

8. insert your own random thought here.
yesterday i found jen davis page. love her photos. pureness.

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