Thursday, February 04, 2016

Wednesday Hodgepodge. 254.

once again :)

1. describe love using all five senses.
salt on my tongue. seeing my body through his eyes. light touches in the darkness. smell of belgian hot chocolate, fresh air in the mountains or chlorine in the pool. listening to some songs or his giggle when i tickled him.

2. february is canned food month. what's your favorite food that comes straight from a can?

3. a principal in a uk school recently sent home a letter to parents requesting they (the parents!) dress appropriately when escorting their children to/from school (basically saying please don't wear your pajamas). it's gotten a lot of publicity, both positive and negative. your thoughts? and do/did you ever make the school run (or hit starbucks, walmart, etc) in your pjs?
i'm not a parent but if, i'd ask my child what s/he thinks about my look, not a principal. the other thing is i try to dress decently and appropriately to the occasion. there's no reason to go to school in my pjs, especially that lately i sleep naked. around my bed time i wear a velour bathrobe but i don't wander around my house in it for the whole day.

4. crew neck, v-neck, turtleneck, scoop neck...which is most prevalent in your wardrobe?
scoop neck. i've got a scar on my neck and i looove showing it off :).

5. i read here recently a list of four things to avoid so you wake up happier. they were late night snacks, hitting the snooze button, social media just before bed/upon waking, checking emails. are you guilty of any of these behaviors? which on that list do you need to work harder at avoiding?
of course late night snacks from time to time and checking social media, but i doubt it makes me less happy. i would say it's rather having no sex life we should avoid. and that's difficult (sometimes ^^) when you've got no one to share it with.

6. share something you remember about a house you lived in as a child? of all the homes you lived in as a child, which did you love best?
i remember a tiny house in the forest (deeper in the forest than the one i currently live in ^^), green grass and my red, stuffed dog i walked. and wild boars nuzzling under our fence at night. as a child i lived in three homes and the tiny one was my favourite.

7. your favorite movie based on a true story?
i've got a lot of great movies in my mind and i like watching biographies. one that i'd like to watch once again is Gods - a story behind the first human heart transplantation in Poland.

8. insert your own random thought here.
i missed the last hodgepodge and i liked the question: "who's an athlete you admire or respect and why" - i admire Justyna Kowalczyk and Marit Bjørgen ... without them constantly challenging each other women's cross-country skiing wouldn't be the same. it seems the happy time is over now, but still, great female athletes doing their stuff with a lot of passion. 


  1. My daughter loves to show off her scars, too.

    Your little house in the woods sounds nice! I would love to live out in the middle of nowhere. The last place that I lived with my parents was in the woods. It was cool being down there away from the rest of the houses. Now, that area has really built up with homes all over the place, even in the pasture next door.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Tuna! Why didn't I think of that? I have that probably once a week. Thanks for playing along in the Hodgepodge!