Sunday, March 27, 2016

Sunday Stealing. Easter Meme.


five things i have a passion for: he, travelling, taking pictures, psychology, making love.

five things i'd like to learn before i die: speaking spanish & german better, how to rollerblade, how to climb an indoor wall, how to swim decently, yoga. 

five things i say a lot: simply (but of curse in polish) ...

five books and/or magazines i have read lately: love in the time of cholera by marquez, master and margarita by bulgakov, latest issue of "charaktery" and two psychological manuals.

five favorite movies: (as for today) groundhog day, to wong foo thanks for everything julie newmar, dirty dancingwszystko będzie dobrze (everythings gona be alright)habemus papam

five places i would like to travel to: Canada (once again, but this time east coast), Mexico (once again carribbean coast), Norway, Australia, Buchanan, IL ^^.


  1. I forgot how much I love To Wong Foo, that was such a great movie!

  2. Intriguing answers. Psychology student?

  3. I love the movie Dirty Dancing but I have not seen it in years.